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April 11th, 2021
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Become 100% Recyclable or Reusable by December 2025

Silafrica has made a commitment to become a 100% Recyclable or Reusable Packaging Manufacturer by 2025. What exactly does this mean, and why is it important for the FMCG sector?

As an ongoing commitment in moving towards the Circular Economy, many global FMCG brands, their consumers and supply chain partners, are all aligned towards reducing the impact of packaging waste in the environment. Silafrica serves several of these global, regional and local FMCG brands, and we are 100% committed to championing the Circular Economy across our partnerships.

So what exactly does this commitment mean? The actions are essentially outlined in four broad areas as defined by the Global Commitment to the New Plastics Economy:

  1. Take action to eliminate problematic or unnecessary plastic packaging by 2025.
  2. Take action to move from single-use towards reuse models where relevant by 2025.
  3. 100% of plastic packaging to be reusable, recyclable, or compostable by 2025.
  4. Set an ambitious 2025 recycled content target across all plastic packaging used.

We have already started several projects and we aim to achieve them by 2025. Some of the projects we are currently working on include;

Reusable Agro Logistics Crate with Digital Supply Chain Visibility – It is made from at least 95% recycled plastic and embedded with digital identity technology that can interact with wireless reader technology to identify the location, source, destination and contents of the crate. Our partnership with Twiga Foods in this innovation will establish a landmark case study on how these solutions can reduce post-harvest losses, and create an economic & environmental win-win for all the stakeholders in the agro-food value chain.

Flat Pack Returnable Plastic Carton – This replaces paper & cardboard packaging with 100% recycled plastic materials sourced from single-use plastic packaging. It’s a fantastic example of how single-use plastics if captured properly from the value chain into high-quality recycling, can actually create new types of multi-use packaging that can offer not only a planet-friendly option but also pocket friendly to save millions on supply chain costs. The applications for this new innovation in flat-pack returnable packaging can range from export-oriented fresh perishables to local & regional supply chains for dry & packaged consumer products.

Recycled Plastic Beverage Crates – as the beverage sector is balancing its options between returnable glass & one-way PET packaging, there is an ever-growing demand for the secondary packaging itself to become 100% sustainable. Silafrica has created regional partnerships with beverage companies who need to ensure their secondary packaging is not only 100% recyclable but also made from 100% recycled plastics, and doesn’t compromise on the functional or marketing performance required from these crates.

The projects that we are currently doing & our commitment to producing only 100% recyclable or reusable packaging is very important for the FMCG sector because this is the way our future is headed, and some companies will get on board the Circular Economy train, while others will remain in a state of denial & resistance. We are not debating this point, we are simply ensuring that when our customers need a future proof sustainable packaging solution, we are ready and can offer immediate solutions that are tried & tested.

Reach out on LinkedIn to start the conversation about navigating the journey to 100% recyclable packaging.

Akshay Shah

Group Executive Director