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March 2nd, 2021


COVID-19 Accelerating Consumer Shift Towards Online

By pushing the boundaries of how and where we can do business, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced entrepreneurs to look at digital media in a new light.

Walmart Signage Inspired By Airport Layout

Walmart has revealed a new look and taste for its US Supercenters, with inspiration taken from airports to help its shoppers complete a fast and easy trip.

Nestle Introduces Sensational Burger in European Market

Nestlé has introduced a newly improved Garden Gourmet plant-based burger debut “Sensational Burger” in the European Market.

Building an E-commerce Business: Lessons on Moving Fast

Building an e-commerce business from scratch is no small undertaking. But experience has shown that a dedicated program properly structured can not only pull it off but do it far faster than many might think is possible.

Netflix Moves $100 Million to Support Black Banks

Netflix said on Tuesday that it would move up to $100 million, or 2 per cent of its cash holdings, to financial institutions that focus on Black communities.

What is The Cost of a Lockdown?

Lockdowns have become critical in the fight to contain Covid-19. But they come at a severe economic cost. Not only are certain types of consumer spending prohibited, but border closures and the lingering psychological impact of a lockdown weigh on economic activity beyond the lockdown period.

A Sneak Peek Inside Naivas Kilimani- Photos

Naivas Supermarket has opened a new store in Kilimani, Nairobi, as it seeks to strengthen its hold as a top retailer in the country.

Critical Things Successful Retailers are Doing to Navigate COVID-19

Right now, many people around the world are under stay-at-home orders at their homes, essentially unable to go out and shop. As a result, stores are closing and it’s expected the coronavirus will trigger mass retail bankruptcies and store closings.

Naivas Partners With Aspira to Offer Lipa Baadaye Services

Naivas Supermarkets has rolled out a credit purchasing program that enables its customers to acquire household goods and pay for them gradually over a period of one year in either daily or monthly instalments.

Parmalat SA rebrands to Lactalis South Africa

Parmalat South Africa, one of the major players in the South African dairy industry has renamed to Lactalis South Africa which came into effect on 1 February 2020.

2020 Circular Packaging Strategy

Circular packaging is not just about how recyclable is your primary or secondary packaging is strategized. Circular packaging is not a shift in packaging materials & design, but rather a holistic design approach around the following interactions with packaging.

Lucozade Ribena names Alpesh Mistry New Sales Director

Alpesh Mistry will support Lucozade Ribena Suntory’s Growing For Good vision with his “keen passion for leading health and wellbeing company initiatives”.