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March 2nd, 2021
COVID-19 Accelerating Digital Transformation in FMCG- Instore Kenya News

COVID-19 Accelerating Consumer Shift Towards Online

Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) companies are seeing a surge in the contribution of e-commerce to their overall sales as the pandemic has led more households to buy products online. E-commerce sales at Nestle India Ltd surged 97% in the September quarter, comprising 4% of its local business.

Packaged foods company Britannia Industries also said that its e-commerce sales have grown very “aggressively” in the September quarter even as modern trade sales have been slow to catch up.

The covid-19 pandemic is accelerating a consumer shift to online in a big way, the country’s top consumer goods companies and retailers said on Wednesday, even though they maintained that Kenya will continue to see several retail formats co-exist.

We’re seeing a huge trajectory change on the grocery part of online retailing. A lot of folks predict that this accelerated trajectory is here to stay, I think it’s fair to say that the trajectory is going to continue to increase. Whether that accelerated slope will continue or not is a matter of conjecture, but I think one can say with a fair degree of confidence that the salience will grow.

Retailers and makers of fast-moving consumer goods, struck by the covid 19 lockdown, were forced to re-look at the ways they reach consumers, especially as demand for goods of daily use continued to be high. Since then, several consumer goods companies have identified clear trends and chased those—including heightened usage of hygiene products and expanding their reach to shoppers on e-commerce and the humble grocer.

Covid is leaving a long-lasting impact on consumer behaviour globally. companies that continue to invest in the most important enablers during this challenging time will be the ones who emerge from this crisis not only ahead and more competitive, but thriving from within.