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March 2nd, 2021
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Del Monte Launches Pink Pineapple and Veggieful Pocket Pies

Del Monte has launched its newest product, Pinkglow pineapple with a pink interior, new and uniquely grown by Fresh Del Monte.

Pinkglow pineapples have been in development since 2005. They are grown on a select farm in Costa Rica and take up to 24 months to produce. Fresh Del Monte’s two largest farms are certified sustainably grown by SCS Global Services.

“As a leading supplier of fresh pineapples throughout the world, Fresh Del Monte is committed to continuing to invest in our pineapple research and development program to meet the ever-changing needs of our consumers,”

Pablo Rivero, vice president marketing North America.

“The Pinkglow pineapple is a product we are incredibly proud of, not only for its beautiful colour and delicious taste but also because of the care that went into growing and releasing it, as well as the sustainable method we’ve enacted to produce these new pink pineapples.”

Pinkglow pineapples are harvested by hand with their crowns replanted to increase the volume of crops and reduce waste.

Del Monte says it’s been working on the Instagrammable pineapple for 16 years. It’s marketing the fruit as “perfect for a hostess to serve as part of a festive party cocktail, as a delicious dessert all on its own, or even to give as a gift to the person who will now truly have everything.”

Del Monte Veggieful Pocket Pies

Meanwhile, Del Monte Foods, Inc. has introduced new Del Monte® Veggieful™ Pocket Pies, providing a delicious and unexpected way to eat vegetables.

Veggieful Pocket Pies are filled with nutritious vegetables and real cheese which offer a variety of plant-based proteins and is baked in a golden cauliflower crust.

“We’ve all been faced with a number of setbacks during the pandemic, but for many of us, we are busier than ever,”

Liam Farrell, VP of Brand Marketing.

Containing one full serving of vegetables in each pie and no artificial flavours or preservatives, Pocket Pies’ savoury pockets are meatless, delicious and packed with flavour and nutrients.

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