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March 5th, 2021

Inspiration for an Extraordinary World

Kantar is the world’s leading data, insight and consulting company.

Across all markets in Africa, shoppers are becoming more demanding-especially on price. Many markets saw limited growth in 2018, while a number saw a decline. Brands that understood the right price point, format and channel were the winners of 2018. Immediate and short-term relevance is the key to growth.

Brands need to adapt quickly, with optimization and return on investment the top priorities. There is a decision point in every FMCG purchase; a point at which the shopper decides to buy one brand instead of another. The Brand Footprint ranking reveals which brands are winning at that moment of truth, using the Consumer Reach Points (CRP) measure. This measures a brand’s strength in terms of the number of times brands are chosen by shoppers.

Independent of revenue, it exposes the decisions consumers are making at point-of-sale. The Consumer Reach Points of each brand is influenced by population, brand penetration and purchase frequency of purchase. Why do some brands remain strong and consistently selected by shoppers? This study is a powerful source of inspiration and has become a reference point for marketers to gain an in-depth view of how brands grow.

Like shoppers, we are also seeing retailers and brands moving with the time from our 2019 BrandZTM Top 75 Retail Brands report! It’s only a year or so ago that the buzz word in retail was “omnichannel”, but that now seems passé. The truth is that any retailer or brand that isn’t omnichannel by now is not making the most of its shoppers.

Today’s shoppers have more visibility and control over their spending than ever before. They are increasingly connected to the world and have limitless choice. They don’t care about channels; they care about connections, choice and convenience – this is the new world that retailers must adopt to stay relevant.

Now in its 14th year, this ground-breaking study is the only brand valuation ranking to use consumer data to rank the world’s most valuable brands, analyses their strengths, and identify the key forces driving growth.

Who We Are

Kantar is the world’s leading data, insights and consulting company. We understand more about how people think, feel, shop, share, vote and view than anyone else. Combining our expertise in human understanding with advanced technologies, Kantar’s 30,000 people help the world’s leading organisations succeed and grow.

Brand Domain

In a world of short-term pressures, we champion and nurture your biggest asset-your brand, to deliver sustainable, profitable short and long-term growth.

We specialise in domains of expertise to address our clients’ key business questions. With a proliferation of choice, new forms of competition and communications overload, clarity about what your brand stands for, and how to activate it consistently across channels has never been more important. Brands are under pressure, trust is low, adblocking is common and growth is hard to come by.

We help you answer questions like:

  • What does my brand stand for?
  • Does my brand resonate?
  • What associations does it need to focus on?
  • What is the strength of my brand?
  • How do I connect my brand and financial data to drive an integrated strategy?

In today’s hyper-connected digital world, people see more content, in more places, than ever before, creating endless possibilities for brands to connect. But with people empowered and motivated to skip, avoid or block ads, how can you stand out and maximise return on your creative investment?

Creative Domain
We partner with clients and creative agencies to identify and develop extraordinary creative ideas and content. We ensure that content leaves a Lasting Impression, delivers transformational brand growth and maximizes ROI.

We help you answer questions like:

  • What are the biggest and best ideas to bring my brand positioning to life?
  • Does my creative work as intended?
  • Do consumers engage and connect?
  • What impact is my creative likely to have on my brand?
  • Will my creative content work across screen and placement?
  • How can I optimize my digital ads to avoid skipping and maximize in-market success?

We live in an age of experience, where people prefer to spend on experiences rather than on material things. Brands are now defined by how they make people feel. Yet while companies have access to a wealth of information about their customers, they remain insight-poor. They struggle to drive impactful change and build lasting and profitable customer relationships.

We help you answer questions like: How can I surface the customer experience moments that matter (and avoid those that don’t)? What is the value of CX in my business? How can I engage and empower my employees to deliver for our customers? How can I close the loop with customers to resolve important issues? How do I engage everyone in my organization to deliver CX?

In a world where people are spoilt for choice, innovation remains the go-to strategy for growth. But in today’s competitive, experiential environment, it is harder than ever to drive growth. We help you answer questions like: what are the opportunities to diversify my business into new territories, markets or sectors? What are the crucial customer moments that exist in my current sphere of business?

Innovative Domain
Providing creative agile insights that surface opportunity. We help clients innovate, disrupt markers and reach consumers fast.

Where, when and how can I innovate to deliver the ultimate experience? What are the breakthrough/disruptive ideas that I can deploy? How can I adopt a test and learn approach to fail-fast, continually strengthen and build ideas?

In a world of increasing media fragmentation, people are bombarded by marketing and the number of places they see it. Brands struggle to find the right mix of channels, messaging, creative and format, and to know which combinations are most effective. And they need evidence and understanding of how their campaigns can build their brand and their business.

Media Domain
In partnership with media owners, agencies and advertisers, we provide evidence that dispels the hype and informs the right media choices to maximize brand growth and return.

We help you answer questions like:

  • Which touchpoints will engage my target audience?
  • How does my paid, owned and earned activity compare with my competitors?
  • Which placements will work best for my digital creative?
  • How are my media campaigns building brand equity?
  • Which channels and formats deliver most cost-effectively?

Commerce Domain
We equip our clients with insights that help them find and activate sustainable growth in commerce and trade, again and again helping them find growth in a world of rapidly evolving retail landscapes and shopper expectations.

Marketers invest huge amounts of time, energy and money in brand building, yet marketing budgets are wasted if a brand does not stand out at the point of sale. In a world where people are overwhelmed by communications, and inundated by choice, purchase moments, online or offline, is critical to brand success.

We help you answer questions like:

  • How can we influence consumers along the path to purchase?
  • How can we impact sales at the point of purchase?
  • Which shopper marketing activations have the most impact?