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April 11th, 2021


Ugandan Coffee Export Rise 6.3% Fetching US$46M in August

Uganda, Africa’s leading coffee exporting country, earned US$ 46.06 million from exports of 519,683 bags of coffee each weighing 60kg.

Consumers Embracing Contactless Payments During Pandemic

Around 60% of consumers claim to have increased their use of contactless payments during the pandemic, new research reveals.

Increasing Market Share During Uncertain Times

Lana Busignani shares insights on how to increase your market share using advertising even during uncertain times. She points out 5 Key pillars to build on your existing business strategy.

How Retailers in the Middle East are Dealing with the Pandemic

Retailers in Middle East are adjusting their systems o adapt to the new niormal in the reatil section. The pandemic has created new solutions, read more here.